Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Anniversary

My family has had several Anniversaries to celebrate this year. There's of course our parent's anniversary, our 1 year (since leaving the house) anniversary, and our latest anniversary, leaving the rental home that had been sprayed with pesticides.

That week was our worst nightmare...

First we moved in and LOVED the house. (It had 6 bedrooms, a pool, and a guest house)

Second we couldn't breathe after one night of staying there. (Our throats closed up because of the pesticides sprayed throughout the house)

Third we slept outside although they had sprayed pesticides out there as well. (Some of us felt safer outside because of the amount sprayed inside)

Fourth we vacated the home leaving our father to do his radio show in the guest house. (My dad had to do his radio show and claimed that he didn't react to the house)

Finally we lived off of hotels for several more weeks. (For my birthday I spent my time searching for houses to rent temporarily)

With our words we lived it all over again last night. We remebered hotel after hotel, my dad's work, and the complication of it all.

Now that another anniversary has passed, time goes on and the road to recovery gets closer to being paved.