Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Little Things"

There are so many "little things" in life. It is the "little things" that are the most memorable, the "little things" that make you laugh, and the "little things" that make you smile when you look back at them.

Yesterday we were driving in the car on our way to acupuncture listening to the same CD that had Jackie Blue in it. Hoping that it would come on I sat on the edge of my seat as we came closer to home. Finally, a guitar solo came on, and I knew that it must be Jackie Blue. My mom turned around and smiled at me as she started to sing along and flick her wrist. I will always remember this song as one of the "little things" that make me smile.

Every day we all try to impress our mom by asking her for our supplements. She always responds by saying, "thank you" because she knows that it is important for us to remember the supplements that we're supposed to take. One day I will look back at this "little thing" and smile.

My younger brother has a talented mind. He loves to dance and mouth to songs, especially Michael Jackson songs. He memorizes all of the words and likes to "perform" the song in front of my family. Beat It is his favorite. In the living room of our house he is at his own little concert. Someday he will use his talent towards something amazing. I will always admire him for his imaginative, talented mind.

Despite all of the "big things" happening, the "little things" stick out to me the most. I will always hold onto these "little things" in my memory, and someday I will look back and smile at this time that we were all together experiencing these "little things".

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Every day I plug my nose getting ready to gulp down any supplement that is put out for me. Each time I keep in mind that it is good for me, but sometimes it is easy to forget.

In the morning I take my Herb, IntraMax, and I drink carrot juice freshly made from our juicer. The carrot juice has ginger and garlic in it. IntraMax is a drink with tons of vitamins and minerals. My Herb is filled with things to help me with different symptoms that I am having.

When I see my mom on the computer she is usually on her blog, email, or ordering a supplement online. We are always trying new things to help us get better.

The other big part of my day is the food that we eat. With our food sensitivity we haven't been having much luck with finding food, but we have discovered that Bacon is our main source of meat for breakfast. Along with the bacon we have our supplements and make a Fruit Smoothie that contains yogurt, fruit, and water.

As the day passes we run for 30 minutes and come in for lunch. For lunch our normal meal is nitrate free, gluten free, and chemical free hot dogs with fruit.

Then there comes the third meal of the day, dinner. Our main source of food for dinner is any type of meat with some vegetables.

As we get closer to recovery I realize that this road is going to be very long, but at the end of the road we will reach something beautiful.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mold Scare

I cannot believe that we have stayed in this house for about 2 months, but those 2 months haven't been the easiest. On August 10th we started to clean the house preparing for our move. For the first time in a long time we felt safe, and happy.

"Mom I can still smell something but I don't know what it is." My sister said after coming home from cleaning.

"I just hope that this is a good house." She responded.

We still moved in hoping that we would be able to stay in the same house for at least more than 3 days. But with our head held high we moved in like regular people hoping that we could stay.

After a couple weeks we were satisfied. We decided that it was a good, clean house.

But just to be cautious we put mold plates out in the bathrooms, kitchen, and a couple bedrooms. After hearing that we had more mold colonies than we could tolerate we gathered around in a circle debating whether or not we should bring our belongings with us. We made a few calls checking what they thought about the mold.

The next day we thought that we wouldn't be staying in the house until we decided to test the air, but to do that we had to find someone we could trust. Spending the right amount of money we had an inspector come to inspect the house and test the air.

With our fingers crossed we waited for the test results to come back. Finally, we got our test results back. Indeed it was the outside air that the mold plates picked up. With our great test results we were able to stay in a mold free, chemical free, and a safe environment surrounding us.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Couch

When we moved into our new home after the chemical exposure we desperately needed one thing, a couch.

After the chemical exposure we struggled to keep everything, but we lost our toys, our new mattresses, and other belongings that couldn't be washed. You would find us at the store buying air mattresses, new sheets, and covers. With only our clothes it seemed to be simple to move in, but instead it was the hardest move ever. Going back and forth my father gathered our belongings that we stored in our garage. My dad brought back our mattresses in hope that we could keep them. Unfortunately after wiping the mattresses down with gallons of vinegar and baking soda we had to give up.

A few weeks after we moved in we were equipped with a table from our landlord, air mattresses, and camping chairs. The only things that we needed to get were real chairs and a couch.

On our small T.V and sitting in our camping chairs we were able to watch the Academy Awards while nebulizing. Usually the Oscars were the big event where beforehand we would guess which nominee would win the Oscar. In our house who ever won, got a card to Blockbuster to get a movie or two.

The next few days passed and we still didn't have a couch or chairs. We finally put the past behind us and searched to find the right couch that wasn't treated with chemicals. When we were out we found a huge couch that seemed to be chemical free. Trying to get it over and done with we signed the papers and had the couch delivered.

After the couch was delivered we had a couple nosebleeds and some respiratory problems. We looked at the couch in horror because of all of the trouble we went through to try to get a big, chemical free couch. Devastated, we called the company and they said that it had been treated with chemicals.

Renting another U-Haul, my dad took the couch back where it belonged.

I have learned that there are a lot investments made when you are recovering, but in the end it is all worth it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jackie Blue

Wednesday we all piled in the car to go to our biggest outing, Acupuncture. On our way out my mom grabbed a CD that my sister made her.

"Have Fun!" I heard my sister say.

When we all pile in our car getting ready for Acupuncture we always are prepared with snacks,
things to do, and music for the car. We all sat in silence listening to song after song. You could tell that my mom liked some of the songs because she sang along.

I watched the mountains slip away from my sight, the birds chirping happily, and the saguaros disappear.

I kept sitting in silence as we entered the city until a song came on called Jackie Blue.

"I loved this when I was 15!" My mom said in shock.

She started flicking her wrist along to the beat, bobbing her head, and sang along.

"Ooh-hoo Jackie Blue." She sang.

We all started to sing along with our mother happily.

"Ooh-hoo Jackie Blue" We all said in unison.

The song ended and my mom said, "We are listening to that on our way home."

As we listened to the song on our way home I thought about moments like this.

It is moments like these that are the greatest. You don't need something fancy all you need is your family.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another House

It's been two months living in this new house. Two months of unpacking, cleaning, and meeting new people.

After we left our home on October 4Th, 2008 we rented 4 houses, 1 vacation rental, and slept in several hotels. This is yet another house to live in, another house to name, and another house to remember. We will always remember the house before this one because all 9 of us were sleeping in one room, but still had space to fit another person.

Coming to Arizona we would never guess that we would be staying for another year. It was a miracle when we moved into our first vacation rental. The house had four bedrooms, a pool, and a big laundry room. Of course, that was before we knew that we were chemically sensitive.

Finally, after searching for 2 weeks in the vacation rental we found a house that seemed to be perfect. After reuniting with my father we started moving in. The first night we slept in our rooms thinking healing thoughts. My brother woke up with a nosebleed after sleeping with his other brother in their room. After we ate our morning meals we went off into the real world.

That day my brother ended up having seven nosebleeds in all.

As a family we all watched the Super Bowl as the players struggle to get to the touchdown zone. That night we noticed that our throats started to close up and the nosebleeds continued to happen. A few of us even slept outside thinking that it would help our throats.

By the next day we were off staying in hotel after hotel while my dad worked in the office of the house because we found out that they had sprayed for termites inside and out.

After searching and searching, week after week of hotels we finally found a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home.

Finally, we are all together in a mold free, chemical free home that pleases us very much.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Miss Bobbie and Maggie

In the previous year we have tried many times to get me a good horse that I don't react to. We tried twice and finally gave up.

My first encounter with a horse was a small mare named Miss Bobbie. We had gone to the horse stables to sign up for horseback riding. Planning on the next morning to be my first lesson; I walked over to stroke Miss Bobbie.

When I started to sneeze my instructor said, "Are you allergic?"

"I don't think so." I said hopping into our mini van.

As we drove off in the car my eyes began to swell up, my nose began to run, and hives came up all over my arm. When we got home we got the Benadryl out, the nasal sprays, and I jumped in the shower to get all of the dander off of me.

A few days after that experience I finally had recovered.

Months later I went to a farm where I successfully stroked their horse named Maggie. For the first time I didn't react after petting the horse, so we decided to try taking lessons there.

The first lesson was for an hour of grooming, saddling up, and riding. Of course after grooming I had gotten hives all over my arms in the same places where I had gotten the hives from Miss Bobbie.

My throat started closing up, my nose closed up, and my rash kept getting worse. After my reaction was over we decided to not give up and keep trying. We went to the store, buying gloves, a helmet, and boots to keep me from reacting to the horse.

The next weeks of horseback riding were not quite as bad as a reaction as the first time, but I still took nasal sprays, wore gloves, and wore long sleeves in the 100 degree heat to prevent me from reacting. After I started to get the trotting down I started to gallop. Each day I would wake up with my muscles tight and tense until the point where we had to give up.

Through these experiences I have decided that only when I fully recover I will start doing horseback riding lessons again.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


After the mold exposure, my dad wrote on his blog about my pets. The night before he wrote on his blog, we had all heard my brother say, "I want my diabetic buddy back." Of course, he had meant one of my dogs who had diabetes.

When I read my dad's post on his blog, I immediately wrote another writing piece.

"Sometimes words get to you. For the first time you get a glimpse of the past, the present, and the future. You realize what has happened, what is happening, and what is going to happen. I've always been afraid of death, but for the first time I feel hope, forgiveness, and happiness because I realize that I have got a family close to me no matter what. Life seems peaceful now, but at the same time it feels harder than ever. There are some things in life unforgettable. Loosing 3 loved and loving pets are some things that are unforgettable. But we as a family should never give up what we have started.

There is always a story behind your beloved ones. When I would wake up in the morning I would have a glimpse of happiness. My bird chirping, my two dogs barking, and petting my two dogs are glimpses of happiness. Those unforgettable memories brought us happiness."

After I had written this I was so happy with myself. I expressed had myself through my writing, and that made me happy.

There are so many unforgettable memories in life, but sometimes the special unforgettable memories are the sad ones.

Sometimes I can hear the dogs barking, my bird chirping, and feel the dogs' soft fur on my hands, but I know that they are in a happy place looking down on us running free.


Each week is different for me. There is always something to look forward to. Every week we head out ready for our biggest outing, Acupuncture.

Acupuncture helps me with all of my specific symptoms that need to be treated. Without using any chemicals Acupuncture allows the body to heal. You can see why we look forward to it every week.

Today my dad showed my mom bruises at every point where the Acupuncture needles went. We gathered around looking at his bruises in awe.

"Wow!" I heard my mom say.

"That shows how sensitive you are!" My sister added.

Unlike other Acupuncturists ours carries Chinese Herbs as well. Chinese Herbs are a traditional Chinese medicine. Made by the elements of nature, the Chinese Herbs are all natural.

Every time we come back from Acupuncture we come back with something positive to say.

"My sinuses are better." I heard my sister say.

"My knee doesn't hurt anymore."

"I am happier than before."

I look forward to Acupuncture every week hoping that there is something positive to say each time.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mimi's Ocean

Over the Summer I took a writing class, and I have decided to share a piece with you.

One of our assignments was to pick a color and write about what that color reminds you of. I picked up the color blue and immediately started writing.

"As my grandmother walked along the beach beside me, we watched the waves of the ocean as they crash reaching our feet. Of course, when I pick up the color blue it reminds me of this time when my grandmother and I went to the beach together in Naples, Florida. Everything about blue reminds me of my grandma and the ocean.

After we were finished with our walk I was eager to float on the surface of the ocean, feeling the calm waves underneath me. The day flew by, and we sat enjoying the on the beach, eating our dinner, laughing, smiling, and talking."

I call this piece Mimi's Ocean.

Reading this makes me realize how special Mimi was, and sometimes I can see her smiling at me from up above.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Memories, and Lessons

It has been one year since I left my home back in Colorado. Last night we gathered around as a family remembering the night before we left. We thought back to all of the people who were so generous to us, all of the sadness, and all of the decisions. As I left for a sleepover the night before, I didn't know that I wouldn't return home.

We all gathered around for a "family meeting" recalling the time that we had left.

My dad had said, "Everyone think of at least one good thing that has happened in this past year."

As I thought back through the year, trying to find something positive, nothing could come to mind. So many memories flashed through my mind. My dogs, my bird, and all of my other precious belongings still, to this day lie in the deserted house.

"We have a doctor we can trust."

"My skin is better."

"I can sleep longer."

I was amazed to learn that there were so many positive memories beneath the negative ones.

Although not everything is perfect, there are some positive things about this year. Not all of my symptoms are completely gone, but I have learned new things from those symptoms.

To me, our life is like a Rose. After we left the house the pedals started to fall off one by one, but then they grew back to make the flower prettier than before.

I learned, through this experience many valuable lessons, and that leaving our home was the best thing we could do for ourselves.