Monday, October 5, 2009

Mimi's Ocean

Over the Summer I took a writing class, and I have decided to share a piece with you.

One of our assignments was to pick a color and write about what that color reminds you of. I picked up the color blue and immediately started writing.

"As my grandmother walked along the beach beside me, we watched the waves of the ocean as they crash reaching our feet. Of course, when I pick up the color blue it reminds me of this time when my grandmother and I went to the beach together in Naples, Florida. Everything about blue reminds me of my grandma and the ocean.

After we were finished with our walk I was eager to float on the surface of the ocean, feeling the calm waves underneath me. The day flew by, and we sat enjoying the on the beach, eating our dinner, laughing, smiling, and talking."

I call this piece Mimi's Ocean.

Reading this makes me realize how special Mimi was, and sometimes I can see her smiling at me from up above.


Anonymous said...

Every time I read this I cry. Thanks for remembering my beloved mother.

Linee said...

LOVE this. Your blog is great Kaitlyn. You're a great writer!