Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Little Things"

There are so many "little things" in life. It is the "little things" that are the most memorable, the "little things" that make you laugh, and the "little things" that make you smile when you look back at them.

Yesterday we were driving in the car on our way to acupuncture listening to the same CD that had Jackie Blue in it. Hoping that it would come on I sat on the edge of my seat as we came closer to home. Finally, a guitar solo came on, and I knew that it must be Jackie Blue. My mom turned around and smiled at me as she started to sing along and flick her wrist. I will always remember this song as one of the "little things" that make me smile.

Every day we all try to impress our mom by asking her for our supplements. She always responds by saying, "thank you" because she knows that it is important for us to remember the supplements that we're supposed to take. One day I will look back at this "little thing" and smile.

My younger brother has a talented mind. He loves to dance and mouth to songs, especially Michael Jackson songs. He memorizes all of the words and likes to "perform" the song in front of my family. Beat It is his favorite. In the living room of our house he is at his own little concert. Someday he will use his talent towards something amazing. I will always admire him for his imaginative, talented mind.

Despite all of the "big things" happening, the "little things" stick out to me the most. I will always hold onto these "little things" in my memory, and someday I will look back and smile at this time that we were all together experiencing these "little things".


Sherry Parmelee said...

Kaitlyn, these thoughts are just wonderful! You have a real gift for seeing beneath the surface of things and expressing what you observe there in a truly beautiful way. Keep up the great work--I look forward to reading more! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaitlyn!
I agree with the last comment, you have a gift and a disciplined mind and heart full of love.
Never be shaken!

God Bless!
Melissa Simmons - another new person, your soon to be, Lord willing, teacher. :)