Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jackie Blue

Wednesday we all piled in the car to go to our biggest outing, Acupuncture. On our way out my mom grabbed a CD that my sister made her.

"Have Fun!" I heard my sister say.

When we all pile in our car getting ready for Acupuncture we always are prepared with snacks,
things to do, and music for the car. We all sat in silence listening to song after song. You could tell that my mom liked some of the songs because she sang along.

I watched the mountains slip away from my sight, the birds chirping happily, and the saguaros disappear.

I kept sitting in silence as we entered the city until a song came on called Jackie Blue.

"I loved this when I was 15!" My mom said in shock.

She started flicking her wrist along to the beat, bobbing her head, and sang along.

"Ooh-hoo Jackie Blue." She sang.

We all started to sing along with our mother happily.

"Ooh-hoo Jackie Blue" We all said in unison.

The song ended and my mom said, "We are listening to that on our way home."

As we listened to the song on our way home I thought about moments like this.

It is moments like these that are the greatest. You don't need something fancy all you need is your family.

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Erin said...

I think this might be my most favorite yet! I love your writing, Kaity Bell!