Friday, October 9, 2009

Another House

It's been two months living in this new house. Two months of unpacking, cleaning, and meeting new people.

After we left our home on October 4Th, 2008 we rented 4 houses, 1 vacation rental, and slept in several hotels. This is yet another house to live in, another house to name, and another house to remember. We will always remember the house before this one because all 9 of us were sleeping in one room, but still had space to fit another person.

Coming to Arizona we would never guess that we would be staying for another year. It was a miracle when we moved into our first vacation rental. The house had four bedrooms, a pool, and a big laundry room. Of course, that was before we knew that we were chemically sensitive.

Finally, after searching for 2 weeks in the vacation rental we found a house that seemed to be perfect. After reuniting with my father we started moving in. The first night we slept in our rooms thinking healing thoughts. My brother woke up with a nosebleed after sleeping with his other brother in their room. After we ate our morning meals we went off into the real world.

That day my brother ended up having seven nosebleeds in all.

As a family we all watched the Super Bowl as the players struggle to get to the touchdown zone. That night we noticed that our throats started to close up and the nosebleeds continued to happen. A few of us even slept outside thinking that it would help our throats.

By the next day we were off staying in hotel after hotel while my dad worked in the office of the house because we found out that they had sprayed for termites inside and out.

After searching and searching, week after week of hotels we finally found a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home.

Finally, we are all together in a mold free, chemical free home that pleases us very much.

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Erin said...

Keep writing! You are so good at it. I love you, and I hope someday we are all fully recovered.