Thursday, October 22, 2009


Every day I plug my nose getting ready to gulp down any supplement that is put out for me. Each time I keep in mind that it is good for me, but sometimes it is easy to forget.

In the morning I take my Herb, IntraMax, and I drink carrot juice freshly made from our juicer. The carrot juice has ginger and garlic in it. IntraMax is a drink with tons of vitamins and minerals. My Herb is filled with things to help me with different symptoms that I am having.

When I see my mom on the computer she is usually on her blog, email, or ordering a supplement online. We are always trying new things to help us get better.

The other big part of my day is the food that we eat. With our food sensitivity we haven't been having much luck with finding food, but we have discovered that Bacon is our main source of meat for breakfast. Along with the bacon we have our supplements and make a Fruit Smoothie that contains yogurt, fruit, and water.

As the day passes we run for 30 minutes and come in for lunch. For lunch our normal meal is nitrate free, gluten free, and chemical free hot dogs with fruit.

Then there comes the third meal of the day, dinner. Our main source of food for dinner is any type of meat with some vegetables.

As we get closer to recovery I realize that this road is going to be very long, but at the end of the road we will reach something beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of recovery. I'm going to remember that next time it seems too long.
Love you!