Sunday, October 4, 2009

Memories, and Lessons

It has been one year since I left my home back in Colorado. Last night we gathered around as a family remembering the night before we left. We thought back to all of the people who were so generous to us, all of the sadness, and all of the decisions. As I left for a sleepover the night before, I didn't know that I wouldn't return home.

We all gathered around for a "family meeting" recalling the time that we had left.

My dad had said, "Everyone think of at least one good thing that has happened in this past year."

As I thought back through the year, trying to find something positive, nothing could come to mind. So many memories flashed through my mind. My dogs, my bird, and all of my other precious belongings still, to this day lie in the deserted house.

"We have a doctor we can trust."

"My skin is better."

"I can sleep longer."

I was amazed to learn that there were so many positive memories beneath the negative ones.

Although not everything is perfect, there are some positive things about this year. Not all of my symptoms are completely gone, but I have learned new things from those symptoms.

To me, our life is like a Rose. After we left the house the pedals started to fall off one by one, but then they grew back to make the flower prettier than before.

I learned, through this experience many valuable lessons, and that leaving our home was the best thing we could do for ourselves.


Erin said...

Kaitlyn, your writing is beautiful. You are wise beyond your years, and you are an inspiration to me. I love you so much, and I'm so glad I get to share this season with you (and our room!) :).

Kaitlyn said...

Thank you so much!! You are the first to write a comment!

Anonymous said...

Allow me to be the second. You are a wonderful writer Kaity Belle. I look forward to all of the posts ahead and to tomorrow's bacon.