Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Couch

When we moved into our new home after the chemical exposure we desperately needed one thing, a couch.

After the chemical exposure we struggled to keep everything, but we lost our toys, our new mattresses, and other belongings that couldn't be washed. You would find us at the store buying air mattresses, new sheets, and covers. With only our clothes it seemed to be simple to move in, but instead it was the hardest move ever. Going back and forth my father gathered our belongings that we stored in our garage. My dad brought back our mattresses in hope that we could keep them. Unfortunately after wiping the mattresses down with gallons of vinegar and baking soda we had to give up.

A few weeks after we moved in we were equipped with a table from our landlord, air mattresses, and camping chairs. The only things that we needed to get were real chairs and a couch.

On our small T.V and sitting in our camping chairs we were able to watch the Academy Awards while nebulizing. Usually the Oscars were the big event where beforehand we would guess which nominee would win the Oscar. In our house who ever won, got a card to Blockbuster to get a movie or two.

The next few days passed and we still didn't have a couch or chairs. We finally put the past behind us and searched to find the right couch that wasn't treated with chemicals. When we were out we found a huge couch that seemed to be chemical free. Trying to get it over and done with we signed the papers and had the couch delivered.

After the couch was delivered we had a couple nosebleeds and some respiratory problems. We looked at the couch in horror because of all of the trouble we went through to try to get a big, chemical free couch. Devastated, we called the company and they said that it had been treated with chemicals.

Renting another U-Haul, my dad took the couch back where it belonged.

I have learned that there are a lot investments made when you are recovering, but in the end it is all worth it.

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