Thursday, November 5, 2009


Despite all of the big things that we own the small things are the most precious.

Instead of playing with a big toy that would mean the world to an average 8 year old, my younger brother plays with a drumstick and a duct tape ball every day. We use the drumstick as a bat, a duct tape ball as a baseball, and other duct tape products that we use for bases. It is a game similar to Baseball except we make up the rules as we go along.

Last night was the last game of the World Series for the professional Baseball league. While my three brothers and I watched the Baseball game we assembled our own little game that we would never want to stop.

"Okay, your the Phillies and we're the Rockies." My brother said.

Of course, we agreed and started the first inning of the game. For a few moments in between every pitch we would stop to watch the World Series and return to our own game.

After a few innings my brother and I were falling behind.

When we got into the 5Th inning my dad said, "Okay, let's wrap up the game. This will be the last inning."

Of course, we argued but it was no use.

Like the Yankees, my brother and I ended up winning at that last inning.

While the Yankees are celebrating their victory we look forward to another game of Baseball.

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