Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The other day I asked my mom if she would rather have the knowledge of Toxic exposures or of Chinese Medicine.

"Well... that's a hard one." She said trying to find the right answer.

Finally finding the correct answer she said, "It's a privilege to have the knowledge of both Chinese medicine and Toxic exposures."

When we left our house back in Colorado we opened up an infinite amount of possibilities. If we didn't leave our house we wouldn't be here with this knowledge that we have now. We left with decisions to make, belongings to buy, and recoveries to make.

Every day we learn new things. Just in this past couple weeks we have had several lessons that needed to be learned. We started a new diet that doesn't cut out carbs, we get more and more exercise each day, and we have a teacher coming to our house every day. We discovered foods like Quinoa (the source of protein), Adzuki beans (to dry dampness in our bodies ), and Mung beans (the De-tox beans). Our condition of dampness (the climate in our body) was caused by our exposure to mold. Living off of meats, vegetables, and of course these super foods makes it easier to slowly make our way back to normal health.

Along with the diet we have our supplements daily. Our two new supplements are Spirulina and carrot juice (juiced from our juicer).

As we come closer to recovery, we realize these privileges that we receive in life and use them to help others.


maribeth said...

This is really helpful, too. I have some adzuki beans, but haven;t cooked them yet. Tell me more about chinese medicine. I would like to know becuase maybe it could help me, too. Thank you, Maribeth

Kaitlyn said...

Chinese medicine focuses on the meridians in the body to release toxins and help restore the body to health. My family has learned to really like it.

Maribeth said...

Thank you, Kaitlyn!