Thursday, December 3, 2009

Writing Progress

Recently we have had a tutor come to our home to teach us for three hours. From 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. we are being taught reading, math, vocabulary, and writing. Compared to the writing piece I did this summer about Mimi I can see definite progress through this one.

Based off of the writing piece I did this summer I wrote this piece shortly after we had the tutor come to our home. The prompt was to write a memory and grab the readers attention. So I did the best I could. To read my old piece see my October 5th entry.

As my grandmother walked along the beach beside me we watched the waves crash reaching our feet. We dug our toes into the sand as we sat down watching the waves of the ocean. Her short, silver hair blew in the wind as she gazed out over the sea.

"Mimi, you coming?" I said sticking my feet into the ocean.

"I will be there in a second." she said.

As I floated along the surface of the ocean I felt the waves grow bigger underneath me. They thrusted me forward until I reached the shallow end. I fell down feeling the sand and the sea shells at my feet. The salt water filled up in my nostrils while I got pulled under. Mimi walked over to me stepping into the ocean as she chuckled. We both laughed happily until our cheeks were sore. As we looked out further than anybody can see we saw figures swimming among the surface of the sea.

"Dolphins!" I yelled in excitement.

"Wow! They are so pretty." Mimi said looking at me.

Staying at the beach, my family enjoyed the day as it flew by. We watched the sun sink creating beautiful colors in the sky. We ate our dinner laughing, smiling, and talking. Sometimes when I think back to this memory I can see Mimi smiling from up above.

I will always remember Mimi. I always have and I always will.


Kaitlyn said...

I can see your progress! What a difference! Of course, I loved your old piece. They both make me cry.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kaity Belle!
Wow - there is not enough time in the day for you to take part in all of your talents and interests. I mean: mathematician, writer, teacher,encourager,helper,chef, seamstress,giver,creator, artist. Let's see... or you planning to add a new road along this journey, perfect one you have already begun, keep going as is, adding new aspects to all you already are, or...???
Hope your New Year's Celebration is fun!
See you soon!
Mrs. S