Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Recently I have been really interested in poetry. I wrote a few in the last couple weeks and I am eager to share them with you guys.

My Hero

To see him you may not know
That inside he is filled with grief
His bravery is below
The heartache that is shown so brief

Having him close by
Makes fear depart with ease
On him I can rely
More than the endless seas

Hidden beneath his grey hair
Is sorrow of a noble man
Who sits in his dusty chair
Thinking of how it began

Christmas Time

It's Christmas time
Come one, come all
The church bells chime
Hear theit call

A white blanket covers
The autum leaves that drop
An icy chill discovers
A glistening treetop

Too soon Christmas passes by
The streets are busy no more
Our sorrow is hard to deny,
But our gifts are hard to ignore

My Mom

The swish of her black house shoes
And her house with splendid views

Sitting at her laptop typing away
Practically every day

Wiping down the smooth granite counter tops
And scrupping the floors with drenched mops

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