Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Finish Line

I apologize for not writing on the blog for a while, I haven't had any writing inspiration lately. But a thought came to me today that related to my family's situation and many others that are going through struggles.

When some people run a race they run faster for the trophy at the end, but for others they run all the way to the end for the satisfaction of saying , I made it, I'm done, I'm at the finish line.

So, here we are running this race, pushing along, jumping every hurdle that comes our way, but when a hurdle arrives that we can't jump, we can choose to find a way around it or give up.

For my family and I, we are still running that race, dodging those hurdles, but we haven't lost hope.

I speak to all of those people who are struggling when I say, don't ever give up, just imagine the finish line, imagine the satisfaction of making it through because you will make it.

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